Who I am, and why I am who I am…

What do you write in your first post?  I’ve heard writers say that the beginning and ending of a book are the hardest to write, and I’m guessing the applies to blogs, too.  I hope this isn’t too boring.

I’m Amy.  I grew up as a navy brat, traveling around the US every few years. I was a quirky child- my mom says I was “an odd little duck”.  I think I just always had too many ideas in my head!  As a kid, I loved to read, craft, love on fuzzy critters, dig around in the dirt, play board games, and write stories.  In high school, I was in band, choir, and theater. I think I’m just allergic to boredom, really.  I got my BA in K-12 Music Education. My primary instrument was the french horn, but I don’t have much time to play it now.  As an adult, I like to read, craft, love on fuzzy critters, dig around in the dirt, play board games, and write stories. I guess I haven’t changed a lot, except that I’m much more organized and responsible and stuff. I’m still a bit of an odd duck. I randomly break into song sometimes. I watch Disney movies a lot.  I don’t think I’ll ever see enough cat videos on youtube. I tell cheesy jokes. Children’s books often make me cry.  I’m definitely in touch with my inner child.

So why and how did I become a nanny? Ever since 8th grade, I thought I wanted to be a band director.  It wasn’t until I was nearly done with my degree and was student teaching that I realized the reality of the job- long hours, lots of paperwork, and ever-decreasing budgets.  I wanted more than that.  I wanted a career I could love AND a personal life.  I wanted to leave work with a smile on my face every day!  While I tried to figure out what that career would be, I spent time teaching in preschools and day cares.  I LOVED working with the kids, but I didn’t like some of the decisions that had to be made in order to keep the school profitable.  I knew some people who had become nannies, and I was curious, so I met with an agency and gave it a go!  I love being able to work with parents to give their kids the best life possible.  I love being able to focus on just a few children at a time so that we can get to know each other really well and teach each other things.

As a nanny, the things I want to give to my kiddos the most are a lifelong love of learning and a truly creative spirit.  I adapt my activities every day so that they align with whatever the kid is interested in.  I do a lot of sensory activities, simple science experiments, and arts and crafts. I help kids gain confidence and independence. And I encourage them to always ask “why?” and if I don’t have an answer for them, we’ll find out together!  I want them to be happy about who they are and to know that being “an odd little duck” just means that you’re unique and wonderful.

I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my awesome guy, Drew, and my two loving kitties, Melody and Tomaso.

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