Pinterest Science! <3

I resisted trying pinterest for a long time because I was afraid of getting addicted.  I don’t spend all my time on pinterest now, but it is a GREAT way to find new ideas and store all the neat stuff you’ve found.  And because I’m such a visual learner, it’s a dream come true for me!  All those pretty pictures…

As a school ager, I wasn’t a big fan of science. I don’t know why. I guess it just seemed too complicated.  But as a grown up, I’ve realized that you can’t escape science, especially if you’re curious like me!  It’s everywhere!  I’m trying to show my kiddos at work how science is like a guessing game, but better, because you get to play with it too!  Remember to keep science activities age-appropriate.  And remember that most of the science learned at this age will be through observation, not through big words that sound really boring.  Keep the activity going for as long (or as little) as interest continues. And ask questions!  “What do you think will happen when I do this?”  Sometimes it’s best if you answer first, to show that you’re not looking for a correct answer, just an honest one.

I’ll talk more about science again sometime, but for now, check out my science board on pinterest, which I will continue to add to!

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