Snow!!! Enjoy it outside or in!

I don’t love winter.  There’s less daylight, it’s cold, everything gets covered in ice that I can fall on, the roads become deadly… I could go on and on.  But snow sure is pretty, and I don’t like to pass on my dislike for winter to my charges.  And there are tons of great snow crafts out there!  Here’s a few that I like:

Plastic Plate Snowglobe Picture : So Cute!  And you can include loose glitter that can move around inside the picture.  Just make sure you let the picture dry first!

Easy Glitter Snowflake: I would do this on blue cardstock so that the glitter really pops!  For younger kids, try putting glue in a mini cupcake liner or a tiny bowl and let them apply the glue with a q-tip.

Kool-aid Snow Paint: Bundle up the kiddos and do some good-smelling painting!  Bonus:  spray bottles are great for strengthening the muscles in a child’s hands!

There’s so many other great ideas out there!  Seriously, I could do this all day.  Just have fun with it!

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