Great Book Series for a 3 year old

I LOVE to read, and there’s so many great books for kids out there!  I plan to have many posts with book recommendations for kids.  Head to your local library and look for these!  Reading a series of books can be super exciting for kids of all ages.  They get attached to the characters and always look forward to seeing what those characters will be doing next!  Here’s a small sampling of books I love for the 3-4 year old age group:

Little Critter (Mercer Mayer): I love these books for so many reasons.  Little Critter is open with his emotions (and he has many emotions), which makes them seem somewhat realistic to me. Little Critter is never perfect, but he always tries his best!  Also, the illustrations are fun.  Look for the spider and the mouse in every picture!  You never know what they’ll be up to!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… (Laura Joff Numeroff): There’s only one “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” book, but there’s a whole series of “If you give a ____ a ______” like “If You Give a Pig a Cupcake”.  They’re all fun, silly books.  They don’t teach any life values, but if you want books that are full of imagination, this is it.  After you’ve read some, try to make up your own version with your little one!

Fancy Nancy (Jane O’Connor):  I know what you’re thinking.  “But Amy, I thought you didn’t like things that were so focused on gender!”  I can’t help it. I love Fancy Nancy.  But I don’t think they have to be just for girls.  Boys can like them too!  Nancy is a sweet girl who just happens to have a huuuuge, fabulous personality.  She likes everything to be fancy, from her clothes to her crafts to her vocabulary!  The books introduce lots of “big” words and makes them fun to use!  Nancy is another character who’s not perfect. She makes mistakes, and that’s ok.  Her down-to-earth mom and dad are always there to help her figure things out.  And her little sister, Jo Jo, is a bit of a tomboy, which I think is spectacular (that’s fancy for super great)!

Pigeon Series (Mo Willems): Pretty much anything by Mo Willems is great.  The pigeon series is funny and interactive, and kids love them!  They’re just so much fun!  Mo Willems does a great job expressing emotion in his characters. They are written in a “comic book” type format, so I always point to the character who’s speaking as they say what’s in their speech bubble, just to help the kiddos out.  If you like the books, try the silly games on Mo Willem’s website!

That’s it for now!


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