A Summary of my Summer (See what I did there? :P)

It’s been waaaay too long since I last updated this blog.  I’m so sorry. My personal life has been very busy, and I honestly have had so many things going on that “blogging” didn’t make my list of things to do.  I’m sure you understand.  

This summer has been beautiful!  Mostly mild temperatures and lots of gorgeous blue-skied days!  I’ve spent a lot of my time outside, soaking it all in. It’s been a great summer!

In my personal life, I’ve started lots of new things!  I started running again after taking an extended break because of joint problems.  I bought a sewing machine!  I’ve been enjoying learning to use it and making lots of different kinds of fun bags. I’ve also learned how to do hand embroidery, so I’m hoping to use that to embellish things that I sew. And I started beading again after taking a long break due to burn-out.  I think I’ll even start teaching beading classes again! I’ve taken about a year off after teaching for about 5 years straight. Drew and I have also moved to a different apartment and bought a washing machine. So yeah.  A lot has been going on.

I’ve been quite busy at work, too. Mr. 7yo had some half-day summer camps early in the summer, then decided he didn’t want to do anymore. Miss 4 hasn’t had any camps and will be starting preschool again tomorrow. So I’ve been working with both kiddos most of the summer, which has been fun, but sometimes challenging.  Mr. 7 really loves playing with his sister and with younger kids, so he’s done well when I’ve scheduled playdates with Miss 4’s friends.  It also helps that Mr. 7 is really good at making new friends!  Because it’s been such a beautiful summer, we’ve gone to a lot of parks. I’ve even discovered some new ones that are super fun!  Ironically, we haven’t been to any splash pads.  All of our pretty days have been too cool for water play. In the mornings, the temp would be 65-70F and end up 75-80F by lunch time when we would need to leave.  The kids would be shivering in the water!  So we’ve been staying dry and warm. 

My favorite part of the summer has been reading with Mr. 7.  He is going into 2nd grade in about a week and reads really well, but is a reluctant reader.  I’m not sure if he simply isn’t confident in his abilities, or if he’s just intimidated by bigger books, but he doesn’t seem to want to read much.  I’m trying to help him to find his inner book worm. I know he likes books, because I used to read to him all the time when he was younger, and he loved it.  So this summer I came up with an idea. I went to the library and found “Matilda” by Roald Dahl (who was one of my favorite authors as a kid).  I told Mr. 7 about the book and let him know that after he read it, we could watch the movie together (which neither of us had seen).  That didn’t perk his interest, so I read the first chapter to him to see if he’d be hooked.  He was interested, but still intimidated by the length.  So I suggested that we take turns reading chapters to each other, and he went for it!  This was ideal, actually, because I could be there to help him with words he didn’t know or understand, and I could model reading out loud with expression for him.  It took several weeks, but we read the whole book together, and it was honestly my favorite part of the day.  He LOVED the story, and I loved seeing his face light up as he said things like “Oh my! I know what she’s going to do! Oh no! This is going to be good!”.  And the movie was really fun too!  After, we talked about the similarities and differences between the book and movie.  I’m hoping we can have time to continue this during the school year, but I’m doubtful.  Last year, we didn’t get to do much together after he got home from school. I let him have a little down time, then he’d do homework and chores. Then it was dinner time and after that, I headed home.  But we’ll see.  

That’s enough of a summery summary for now!  I hope yours was as fun and eventful as mine!


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