School Lunch Ideas

Mr. 7 starts school tomorrow!  2nd grade!  I can’t believe how quickly time flies!  His kindergarten was half day, so last year was the first year he started bringing lunches. It was definitely a learning process.  They get so little time to eat, and they get so easily distracted by having all their friends around. Plus, Mr. 7 isn’t the most adventurous eater, so we had limited choices.  Instead of giving you a whole ton of recipes to try, I’m just going to write a list of tips.

1. Make things bite size so kids can just pop them in their mouth really quick.  My favorite bite-size lunch item is “sushi”- flatten a piece of bread, spread stuff on it, like peanut butter or cream cheese as a base, then fruit or veggies, then roll up the bread and slice your roll into bite size “sushi” rolls.  Mr. 7 thinks these are so fun.  He likes his sushi to have cream cheese and grated carrots.

2.  Pack drinks with straws. It’s faster to drink from them.

3.  Make sure your kiddo can open everything easily.  If he can’t, he’s likely to spend a lot of time asking his friends to help, and then eventually ask a grown-up, and then lunch time will be over.

4.  Choose things that work double-duty. Veggies or fruits that can be dipped in a protein like hummus or peanut butter, protein bars that taste like a treat, etc.

5. Don’t stress!  You can only do so much, and in the end it’s up to your kiddo to eat as much as he thinks he needs. He’s not going to starve.  And if he ends up hungry, hopefully he’ll remember to eat more the next time.

And now, you’re daily dose of lunch ideas, 75% of which are cute to look at, but you’ll probably never make.

A Whole Lot of Lunch Ideas


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