Fall Holiday Crafts- Jewish Edition!

It’s September already??? When did that happen?  Fall is just around the corner, which means that I need to start thinking about crafts!  The gears are going!  Perhaps I can provide you with some inspiration as well?

I currently work with a Jewish family, and there are a lot of Jewish holidays in the Fall season.  Rosh Hashanah is coming up first. It’s the Jewish New Year!  Dipping apples in honey is a major tradition for this holiday. It symbolizes the hope for a sweet new year to come!  So here are some great crafts for that, which can be used as general Fall crafts as well:

Apple Print Placemats

Thumb Print Bees

And perhaps a gift for your kiddos for Rosh Hashanah, or a present for their favorite teacher?

Apple Treat Cups 

My favorite Jewish holiday is Sukkot, which also happens in the fall. It’s a celebration of the harvest and nature, in which all meals are traditionally served outside in a decorated “sukkot”- an open hut of sorts. The possibilities are endless, since you can make all sorts of decorations with nature and fall themes. You can even have the kids make their own toy sukkot to decorate!

Autumn Leaf Lantern

Sukkot for Dolls

Lego Sukkot

Leaf Prints

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these, even if you’re not Jewish!  Fall is a really fun time to get outdoors and do some nature-themed crafts and activities. Soon it’ll be time for me to start thinking about Hannukah gifts the kids can make to give to friends and family…


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