Library Adventures

I planned to go to the library this morning to get books for Mr. 7 and Miss 4, so on my way to taking them to school, I asked them what kind of books they’d like.

Mr. 7 was easy. He said to just pick out whatever I think he’d like, because he always like what I choose.

Miss 7 was pretty simple as well: “Do you think they’ll have Dora? And Lego Friends? And oh! Look for Wallykazam books too!” I told her I’d check for all of those things. Anything else? She thought and thought about it, then said “I’d like a book about plants. And nature. With lots of pictures. And make sure it’s really big, not a little book!” I told her that I loved that request and would definitely be able to find a really big nature and plant picture book.

So I went to the library and looked around for a while, and found the perfect thing…  Chihuly Garden Installations, a 400 page book filled with large photographs of Chihuly glass work in garden settings, including a section featuring Franklin Park Conservatory, where we like to go!  And this book is HEAVY.  And BEAUTIFUL. And she LOVES it.  She took it to bed with her for her nap this afternoon.  I feel like Super Nanny.  🙂



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