Fun in the Basement!

Now that I have several hours sans kids every morning, I’ve been picking up more and more projects around the house- mostly organizational type things.  I’ve been working on re-organizing the playroom and the finished basement, which serves as a large playroom/ hang out spot. The basement had lots of paper snowflakes up on the walls, from 4yo’s “Frozen” birthday party.  Which was in May.  And it’s September.  The snowflakes, which I cut out individually and were super fun to make, were getting beat up.  It’s definitely time for a change.  So I looked around the basement, and it hit me.  The ceiling is lower in some areas, higher in others, creating large overhang areas.  They need bunting!  You know, those banners made of different triangle penants?  Super fun!  

I found this easy tutorial for making bunting out of scrap book paper. I found a pack of 48 coordinating sheets with a cheerful “citrus” theme on sale for around $12 at Joann’s. I plan to laminate the triangles after I cut them out and paste the backs and fronts together, which can be done at Staples or most other stores with printing shops.  Then I’ll use a hole punch in each of the two corners.  Instead of stringing them all together on one big line, I think I’ll attach each triangle to the next side-by-side with a ribbon through one hole of one, one hole of the other, and tie them together with a cute little bow.  That way, they can’t start sliding down one side of the string or anything.  

I’m looking forward to seeing it all put together!  It’s going to be a fun little project, and I think it’ll really make the basement space look happy and bright!  And with winter coming up in a few months, we’ll need a sunny place to play!


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