Fall Crafts: Leaf Edition!

I know it’s still technically summer and all, but doesn’t it feel like fall? Kids are in school, football season has begun, and the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping. A little. Ok, so it’s still going to get up to 84 degrees today.  What can I say? I like to plan ahead, and I’m sure I’m not alone! I’ve started thinking about which fall crafts I’d like to do.

With both of my charges in school (Miss 4 is home at lunch, Mr. 7 in the afternoon), there’s not a ton of time for crafts. But I will make time!  I know my kiddos like to pick up pretty fall leaves on the way to the bus stop, so this post will answer that age old question: What do I do with the autumn leaf collection???

1)  Doodle on them! These are decorated using metallic sharpies. Aren’t they cool? I like how some leaves have the natural veins highlighted, others are decorated with pretty designs… they’re all different and beautiful!

2.  Make rubbings!  This post talks about making rubbing plates by laminating different leaves, which is brilliant.  There’s nothing as sad as a beautiful leaf getting torn to pieces while you try to do a rubbing.  Who’s with me? If you don’t have a laminator, you can either use contact paper (which I LOVE), or bring some leaves to your local office printing type store and have them laminated there.

3.  Turn them into pretty wreaths! This tutorial makes it super easy by using a paper plate with the middle cut out.  I’m a little concerned about using school glue for this.  Leaves are pretty dimensional, so it could be tricky to get enough glue to stick.  If you’re comfortable, you might think about using a low heat glue gun (you do the glue gun, they stick the leaves). Bonus- no drying time! If your kiddos are collecting TONS of leaves, how about letting them each make a wreath to put on their bedroom door?

That’ll get you started, but there are tons of other things you can do with lovely autumn leaves!  What are your favorite leaf crafts?

2 thoughts on “Fall Crafts: Leaf Edition!

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