Fall Crafts: Pumpkin Edition!

It’s officially autumn!!!  Yay!  This is my favorite time of the year for crafts!  There are so many great opportunities!  I already posted about Leaf Crafts, so today we’re going with a pumpkin theme! Let’s get to it!

Textured Pumpkin– this is a fun way for kids to explore textures and do rubbings!  This tutorial says to draw a pumpkin for them, but if you’re not confident with your drawing skills, or simply want a more polished look, it’s easy to find free pumpkin templates online.

Pumpkin Seed Craft– If your kiddo is old enough, this can turn into a multi-step craft by letting him/her paint all the seeds one day, and then do the glueing the next!

Yarn Pumpkin–  If you don’t mind a little mess, this is a great dimensional craft!

 Paper Roll Pumpkins  How fun are these? Give kids a template to glue to if you think they’ll have a hard time creating a shape.

I’ll do another pumpkin post sometime in the near future for jack-o-lantern crafts.  I already have a few in mind!


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