The North Star, by Peter H. Reynolds

When I take the kiddos on long car trips to places (more than 15 minutes or so), I like to play audio books that I get from the library. There are so many great ones!  I’ve been reading Miss 4 early chapter books before her nap, but in the car, she loves picture books with CDs that have page turns, so that she can keep up with the illustrations and be involved.  I’m always looking for new audio books that she’d enjoy.  Today I found a great book!  Apparently, it’s a classic from a well-known award winning author that I somehow had just not heard of-  The North Star, by Peter H. Reynolds.  If you know and love this book already, I can hear your voice saying, “Oh my gosh, Amy, I can’t believe you didn’t know that book!”.  If you don’t know it, let me introduce you!

“The North Star” is a lovely picture book about a boy on a journey- metaphorically, his journey through life. Along the way, he discovers that everyone has their own journey (which everyone must choose for themselves), their own path, their own signs to lead them the way they should go.  He finds that you have to travel at your own pace, and that you should slow down and appreciate things along the way.  The message is wonderful, and told in a relaxing, poetic way.  The illustrations are small and simple, but pretty ink and watercolor drawings that flow nicely with the storyline.  The audio CD was lovely as well, with a tranquil narrator who voices characters wonderfully, and some pretty music as well!

Miss 4 listened to the CD four times total on our way to and from a class, which was 30 minutes away.  The first time, she followed along with the pictures using the page turns. The other three times, she asked to just listen to the story without the page turns. She says that there are too many pages to turn! The book is 64 pages long, and sometimes there’s just a few words before you turn the page again, so I see what she means. That’s the first time she’s ever asked to listen to a book without following along with page turns.  That’s the only negative I can think of, though.

This book is recommended for children 3-7 years old, according to Amazon, but I think it’d make a lovely graduation gift, too.  I’m looking forward to reading (and listening to) more books by Peter H. Reynolds!  I already have the book and CD of “Ish” on reserve at the library for Miss 4 and I to enjoy on the way to her class next week.

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