Go out and vote!

Yesterday I put together a great post about chapter books for elementary-aged kids.  Somehow, it disappeared completely.  😦  I have no idea what happened.  Life goes on, I suppose.

Today is a big day!  It’s mid-term elections!  Have you voted yet?  I voted early this year.  If you are not sure who you should vote for, there’s a great non-partisan website that will help you figure it all out!  Just go to ISideWith and answer some questions about the issues out there, and see who agrees with you!  It’ll only take 5-10 minutes.  Then you can print out your answers and take them with you to your local polling place!  Go!  Do it now!  And don’t forget your “I voted” sticker!

It’s a great day to talk to kids about democracy and the importance of voting. You might even want to take your kiddo with you to vote!  I’ve also put together a few resources and activities to help you get your kiddos excited about voting. Enjoy!

PBS Kids: The Democracy Project– Create your own campaign poster, learn about different parts of the government, and find out how much of a difference one vote can make.  This site is mainly themed around presidential elections, but there’s still enough good information to make it worth visiting.

Ben’s Guide to the US Government for Kids– I like that this site has different grade levels that help explain things for kids at different ages.  There are pages about our country, our government, our town resources, and some games and activities. It’s a simple, but quality site.

Start your own election– Read two books about voting, then create a ballot box and have everyone in the family vote for which book they like most.  Or vote for what to have for dinner or what movie to watch tonight.  Have fun with it!

Make a “Future Voter” Button!  Use Ribbons, Felt, or whatever else you have around the house to make a fun button for your future voter.  Maybe it can be worn to go to the polls with a grown-up?

Remember, voting is important, but it can be fun, too!

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