Gifts the kids can make!

I’ve been meaning to update, but I’ve been so busy!  It’s the gift-giving time of the year, and I make a lot of my gifts, so I’ve been sewing, embroidering, beading, and all sorts of other things!

Each year, I help Miss 4 and Mr. 7 make little gifts for anyone and everyone they want to make things for. They typically have very long lists that include family, friends, neighbors, and classmates.  Choosing the right gift for them to make it tough. It needs to be something they can make a lot of without getting tired of making, and it can’t cost too much to make.

This year, Mr. 7 is making hot chocolate stir spoons.  He’s been enjoying the process!  We’ve made them with crushed candy cane and tiny marshmallow pieces so far, and want to also make some with silver sprinkles.

Miss 4 had her own idea this year!  She wanted to make coffee filter flowers for everyone, which sounded perfect to me!  We’ve made these in the past by coloring on the coffee filters with washable markers, then spraying them with water, but I thought we’d try a different method this time that would be less time consuming and would create much more vibrant colors.  So I used this blog post to get the general idea.  I changed it up a little bit.  I cut out the petal shape and place it on paper towels covered with wax paper.  Miss 4 sprays it with a water bottle to get the filter all wet, then drops food coloring onto the filter and watches the color spread around beautifully!  When there’s enough color all over, we let it dry completely before I attach the flower to a green piper cleaner.  The biggest trick I’ve learned is letting the filter dry on wax paper instead of just paper towels.  The paper towels soak up a lot of color, leaving the flower less vibrant.  The wax paper doesn’t!

Need more ideas for gifts that kids can make (and enjoy making)?

1.  More bookmark ideas!  Bookmarks are always a crowd pleaser!

2.  Felt fortune cookies (make them in whatever colors fit the holiday!)

3.  Artwork transferred onto inexpensive candles Super duper cool.

4.  Art Magnets (perfect for younger kids)

5.  Bird seed hearts (what a great way to give back to wildlife, too!)

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