Christmas Crafts!

I currently work for a Jewish family, so I haven’t done Christmas crafts in years!  But that doesn’t mean I can’t pick out some good ones for you guys to do.  Here’s some fun ideas for you to try with your kiddos at any age!

For the Little Bitties (Baby or Toddler):

Handprint Christmas Tree –  Do this with one kid, or with all of them on the same tree for a “family tree”!  If you’re working with a kid who’s not great at putting his handprints where they need to go, have him do them wherever (as long as they’re not touching each other), then cut them out and paste them into a tree.  Paint on hands is always fun! Fingerprint lights are a bonus!

Dot Sticker Tree or Wreath – Ok, so babies can’t do this one, but it’s great fine motor practice for toddlers!  To make it a little easier, peel the background section of the sticker sheet off so that only the dots are left on the sheet to peel off.  If you have other kinds of stickers, use those, too!  Just make sure they’re not too hard for your kiddo’s little hands.

For the Less Littles (Preschool age):

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments – Large beads are great for fine motor development at this age, and they’re fun, too!

Window Clings made with DIY Doodle Paint –  Squeezing bottles strengthens hands, and window clings are fun and decorative!  This link talks about how to make your “doodle paint” scented, too!

For the Not So Littles (school age):

Paper Stars – These look a lot more difficult than they are.  Kids may need some help, depending on their age, but it’s really just cutting straight lines, taping, and stapling.  When finished, they are an awesome decoration!

DIY Photo Snow Globes –  Most people know how to make a snow globe out of a jar, but I love the idea of printing out photos of your kiddo, then laminating it to put inside the snow globe!  So cool, right? Right?

Have fun!!!

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