My Hanukkah gift to my Nanny Family!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, so it was time to give my big gift of the year!  I have been really anxious to give it to them, since I’ve worked so hard on it.  They were thrilled!

It’s a wall hanging with a hand-embroidered menorah.  I made little flaps that cover the flames and can be velcro-ed up for each night. The pockets also have velcro to keep them shut. I’m hoping it will be something they’ll treasure for years to come!


Here’s a detail shot of the embroidered menorah. I used chain stitch for everything but the flame. I thought it felt more “heirloom” that way. 😛


I loved picking out the little gifts. Some of the pockets have little treats- gourmet lollipops or some tasty cararmel-covered marshmallows. I put character socks in one and Hanukkah notepads in another. I had so much fun making custom Lego mini-figures to go in a pocket. Another pocket has little collectible character dog tags.  My favorite, though, is the last day, with something else I made- tiny little teddy bears!


They’re about 3 inches tall with jointed arms and legs, hand stitched together with felt.  My first stuffed toys!  They were fun.  They’re not perfect, but I think they’re still cute. 🙂

Time to start planning their gift for next year!!!  I had so much fun with this one!


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