Non-fiction for kids!

Miss 4 is a very curious kid. I LOVE that about her. I’m the same way!  I want to know everything about everything!  I always ask her what kind of books she wants me to get for her at the library (I go while she’s in school), and there’s always something non-fiction on her list.  She has asked for books about plants, gardens, skin, gorillas, seals, cats, tons of other animals, how the inside of our body works, how snow is made, our skin… the list goes on and on!  I’ve become quite familiar with the non-fiction section of our local library.  And my new favorite non-fiction children’s book author (and she illustrates, too!) is Gail Gibbons!  There’s probably some of you out there who already love this lady, but I’m only just starting to get to know her.

Last week, when Miss 4 wanted a book on how snow is made, I wondered if I’d be able to find one that was age-appropriate. Gail Gibbons delivered with “It’s Snowing!”.  It has lovely, fun illustrations and great, basic information.  Some of it might go right over a 4 year old’s head, but that’s ok. You can discuss it further, or just focus on the more basic concepts.  I loved that there’s a main story line, plus additional captions that you can read and discuss if you have time.  Miss 4 loved it!

Today during our 30 minute drive home from Gymnastics, I handed Miss 4 Gail Gibbons’ “Frogs”- a book with a CD. I had to keep pausing the CD because she had more questions about things in the books, or just wanted to discuss something she found interesting (“Amy, there’s a frog that eats 100 mosquitoes in one night! Don’t you love that frog?” Yes. Yes I do.). By the end, she was saying how much she loved frogs, even though she hadn’t really thought much about them before.  It was wonderful. The narration with page turns took about 20 minutes to get through, which is a little longer than what she usually listens to, but she didn’t lose interest at all.

I can’t wait to discover all her other books!  And there are a LOT. Check out her website to discover them all and learn more about this great author and illustrator!

I’ll be posting Valentine’s Day Craft ideas next, so stay tuned!


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