Valentine’s Day Crafts!

It’s almost February!  If you’re helping your kiddos hand-make all their valentines this year, you might want to get started doing V-day crafts now!  If you don’t have many to do, maybe you don’t have to get started yet, but it’s good to have some ideas so that you can make sure to have the right supplies.  I’ve been asked whether or not Jewish families celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I can’t speak for all Jewish families, of course, but mine does.  For me, and for them, V-day is a secular holiday that celebrates the love we have for our family and friends. Anytime there’s a holiday that focuses on gratitude for other people, I’m in!  I think gift-giving is important for youngsters, and this holiday is perfect for that. 🙂

For infants/Toddlers:

Handprint/Footprint “Love” picture– There are so many ways to do this! You can make it simpler by just making a double handprint or double footprint heart. And if you have a wiggly infant/toddler who won’t let you get the prints in the right place, let them enjoy the paint and put nice prints wherever, then cut and paste them into the shape you’re going for. Don’t let art get frustrating!

Marble Art Valentines – I couldn’t find a picture illustrating this idea completely, but marble art is fun!  How to make it kind of cool and amazing too? Before your kiddo does the marble art, cut out one or more hearts out of contact paper, and stick those hearts onto the paper the paint will go on.  Make sure the paper gets very well covered with paint, and when it dries, peel off the contact paper and reveal the hearts!  You don’t have to do this with marble art, though. You can just do some free form painting on the contact papered heart paper instead!

For Preschoolers: 

Both of the above projects would be fun for preschoolers, but here’s more ideas!

Paper Roll Heart Stamps Fun and cute!

Animals made out of Hearts– Because really, who can ask for more? Miss 4 loved making the cats last year when she was Miss 3, but there are so many choices!

For School-Agers (is that a word? Oh well.)

The heart shaped animals are still super fun for older kids, and BONUS- most of them can cut out their own hearts with or without a little help! But that doesn’t mean I’m not giving you more stuffs.

Heart-Shaped Borax Crystals– Craft + Science = Double Awesome.

All-in-One Valentine Card– For more instant gratification, there’s this project, which can also work well for younger kids. The tutorial shows how to fold a heart into a cute envelope, so you can write/draw secret stuffs and then deliver it in an adorable way.

I have so many other great ideas on my Holiday/Seasonal Pinterest Board!  So if you’re not fulfilled yet, go check that out!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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